Sunday, September 26, 2010

Outing Non Stop for this week! =D

23rd Sep 2010~ Heading to HDB Hub to secure our unit for future~ =D So happy & excited.

We are so glad to get high rise & good view for our future home =) Reach HDB Hub at around 815am & in no time our Q number appear on the board. We took about 30mins to settle everything. HEHE~ Fast right? Must be KIASU & prepare everything before the night.

After booking our unit, we wen to HDB Hub food court to have our breakfasts. Feel so good on the day. Dun have to work & just relax. =D

Pork & cuttlefish Porridge.

Hehe Me busy calculating on our budget.

After finishing our breakfast, We need to head down to KKH to meet up with our solemnizer.

So from KKH, I fetch my baby gal back but before that we wen to super market to get some grocery. After dropping her home i wen for my exams.

This is what baby cook for me for dinner~ YummY. Muacks Thanks my wifey~ =D

Junk Food for Baby after dinner!!!! =D

& This for me! LOLX =P

Baby took this picture as she find this looks like maggots!!! -.-'''

24th Sep 2010~ TGIF!!! =D

My 1st weekend with my new ride~ =D hehe Happy with what I got now. kakaka~ This car is as good as EVO~ aka Baby Evo to others. =)

Picking up my baby after work & we zoOmm ZooOm to have our dinner. Meet up with Eric Tan Chee Beng at Kallang KFC for dinner!


IT MAY LOOK SMALL BUT ....... ....... ...... =D


Only saw BRIDE! Where's GROOM ???

My Pretty little Princess~

After makan wen drove down to Clark Quay pick Hazel (ERIC's wife) as she got company outing~ =)

On our way to Yishun Dam, Eric Uturn & wen back ION to collect their wedding band. So baby & me was like at Yishun dam romantic-ING. MUHAHAHAX =X

In E End We start cleaning my ride. HAhaha A lot of water vapour. Hehe

My New Philippine Maid. =X Opps~! hehehe

OMG! I looks like Bangala! =D

Was waiting for Eric halfway, We two buay ta han liao & wanted to go back home but suddenly baby is HUNGRY! & I ask her if she wans to have roti prata at jln kayu. We drove to jln kayu & e shops there are like FULLY PACK! CRAZY!!! Btw Eric reached & I ask dem to go over to my near by prata shop~ Wen to bed at about 1am+ =D

25th Sep 2010~(Sat)

Sat was another outing for us. 1st we wen to pick baby mum & bought some daily food (Rices, Milo, Biskets & Etc) for the old aged at All Saint's Home. After sending the food to dem we head down to vivo city.

Along vivo city, there's a bloody idiot 50+ years old uncle drive like he owns the ROAD. He was at e bus stop stopping & suddenly turn out without signaling wen i was like traveling on the last line!!!!! Lucky i got good reaction wen I'm driving arbo there goes my Baby Evo! Somemore he's in the wrong STILL DARE TO DRIVE BESIDE ME & SHOW A F*** FACE & KPKB! MOST Singaporeans drive like an ASSHOLES + SELFISH! I really cannot understand why isit SO! Why can't they drive more like m'sian? M'sian have good behaviour wen they are driving!

Wen we arrive at vivo, we saw there's wine fair. Both mummy's, Baby & me taste some simples & Baby grab a bottle of Xrated~ =D

We wen to Cocoa tree~ Looks lots of chocolates & candies.. Yummy~


Wooo This looks nice. But the prices is nicer~ =X

Feeling hungry after window shopping & we wen to Thai Accent to try out~
Indeed the food is NICE!

Sweet baby~

She hate it wen I do this to her! HEHE =D But I like.

Mummy's enjoying~

Thanks Mummy for treating us~! =D Love you mummy~

This is what baby grab! =) Drink Drank Drunk~ hahaha =X

Saw how much Junk my mum brought for us? LOLX! The 2 small bottles is for me to put in my ride~ =D Cute right? ^^

Baby mum bought for her~ Nice~
Tot we can rest after our whole day out~ But My eldest sista Jio us go PRAWNING! hahaha

Look! I bought this sea worms as our bait! =)

Mum, Leng & me~ =)

Leng brought Arnolds chickens for us! SUPER Many sia... EAT TILL WANNA PUKE! LOLX

Mum machiam so pro! HEHE~

Leng can catch but duno how to unhook it. LOLX! NOOB!! Please learn! =D

Oh~ That's ME~ =D

Look at mum! MUHAHAHA~ Super relaxing sia. & Dad sit like Tua Pek Kong~ LOL

See my sexy baby prawning. The auntie beside her look till like that! HAHAHA~


A total of 30prawns we caught! Hehe

This is what you get for catching dem! =) I'm so MAN now. HAHA =X

After prawning we wen to meet eric at his multi carpark & get my ride a wash!

I like this view~ So sexy. =)

AP Racing Brakes~ Every Racer boy needs it! =)

So HOT~!
By the time I finish washing, Baby was like half dead liao. MUhahaha~! Reach home about 2am+ & we slept at 3am+ LOLX Super Zombie + Panda~

26th Sep 2010~(Sun)

Outing with my family~ =) Jack told us that she got frens selling coach bags @ orchard flea market.

After jack bought her bag, We walk over to 313 to have our brunch~ Had italian food~ Yummy!~ =D



Me watching replay of Liverpool being a LiverFOOL's! Damn sick with this club liao. Super cannot take it~ Was supporting dem sinces young! Time to CHANGE if they keep playing this way.

Look at how much FOOD leng ordered! GG sia. Soon we will join her! MUHAHAHA

Weird Looks & Hungry FACE~ Hahaha. Scroll down & Enjoy Freak Face! =D

Jack damn EVIL la.. Trying to feed molly~ =D

OMG~! Jack Looks super retard on this picture! Being force to eat by Leng! kakaka =P

Eh Mum! Dun siam hor! =D Your TURN!

Our dirty table! In a mess sia.

Finishing our brunch, we wen all over orchard banded shops to compare prices of bags~ =D

Walk walk walk~ I saw Seasons giving out new drink(Ice lemon Green tea) Damn nice! Got to try man~ After our window shopping we wen to swensen's for ICE CREAM! Seriously I really got to go on DIET! LOLX

Alright finally i finish blogging~ LOLX! kk Monday Blu is over~ =D Gonna work again tml~ Catch up our this coming weekend events =) Thanks for reading & supporting. =) Love you guys~ GoodNight. ^^

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