Monday, October 11, 2010

Out to Workshop and Many More~

Super back dated pictures.
Baby bought this for me during lunch time and its raining heavily.
Sweetness~ Loves~

Last week mum have been cooking lunch for me and baby to bring to work.
Home cook food is still the best.
So far only took one pic of it.
You know when 12pm haven strikes, you are already drooling @.@

Farewell lunch to Waiheng at BakerZin.

Order Braised Pork Belly with japanese rice. Ice blended lychee mint.

Cakes for WaiHeng

After work headed to Billy Bombers for dinner.

Forgot to bring my cammy out and took the pic with my hp.
Poor resolution.

After that headed to Thomson to meet up with his rest of his friends.
Chatted will 12am.

Cute isnt it? After drinking at baby's place.

I woke up early and keep asking baby to go to workshop.
Finally tinted his windscreen.
Was at the waiting room area while they tint the windscreen.

And i start cam whoring.

Shiok eh?

Headed to Bro ROM buffet at Jurong. After which headed to IMM to buy bdae cake for big sis.
Met all of them at Changi Village and had seafood.

GongGong with its ugly shell.

Big sis bdae cake.
Well shall put only one big candle, else everyone knows her age.

Looks like Kaylyn's bdae..

Okay finally im done blogging.
Nitez everyone.

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