Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dinner at Old Airport and Meet up with Fren

Headed to Holiday Inn to pay the final deposit for our wedding dinner.
Went to see their themes and bridal suites.
Left the place and headed to Orchard for Shopping.

When there is a chance to take pic. I will always ended up in the toilet. ha.

The two of us look so fat~ Baby your angle of taking pic CMI.

One of their themes.

The bridal suites.

Went to book tickets for the show Devils. Went to snack a little bit at burger king before the show starts.

Was a bit bored and baby took this pic.

I thought the show Devils would be scary but in fact its not scary at all.
After movie headed to AutoBac and baby bought his stuff.
Went home to change and went to Old Airport Road for dinner with Yong Han, Guoling, Shah, Rebecca, Rika, Yoga, etc..
Realise that the people at newtons are 'gong'.
First they will give back extra change to you, secondly they will serve you blindly.
Baby and i decided to order Gong Gong so we went to one stall and order.
After a while one china guy came with Gong Gong and ask did we ordered it. Of course we say have. . Gave him $10 bucks and was suppose to return $2. But he have no change and will return back to us later. Then we started eating it. The GongGong is not fresh and the meat just wont come out from the shell. So baby and i walk to the stall where we ordered the Gong Gong and complain the food is not fresh and ask for $2 back. The auntie A was busy serving people and said will cook the Gong Gong again. But baby said no point when the Gong Gong is not even fresh so we change to Lala.
After a while the auntie A walk to our seat and told us the plate of GongGong is not theirs. WTF. That moments is Dulan to the max.
Baby bring the plate of GongGong and started looking for the right stall. Then complain to the right stall. The auntie B still dare to say what china guy give you? -still want to act blur- baby demand $10 back from them.
Then went to auntie A to order Lala.
What a suay day for auntie A and us. ha.

Sit and chatted there before heading to Keppel Bay after which headed to Newton for a hell ride of fun~

Till then.

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