Thursday, July 28, 2011

My New Black Monster Ride!!!

WooOOO... I'm done uploading My Blackie Monster!!! This pictures was taken on 23rd July 2011.

Seriously I can't drive a stock car. Which I never had in my life! Opps.. =X Many people is gonna KILL me for that. HAHA! But this is a relax car that I have ever changed. Gonna start building a family soon! I have got my plans ready. =P

On sat, We guys gone to do our stuff (More like me doing my things) HAHA! While baby & the rest of the ladies gone shopping themselves. HEHE!

When to workshop nearby Lavender Food Market at around 10am+. I was suppose to have only 1 choices of rim to select. But luckily Louis (Boss of the workshop) called me last mid week & tell me that they had brought in 3 more diff kinds of rims.

This is the only nicest rims that they got. So I choose this rim instead of others. Was very lucky that Rims can clear my brakes. (As in it will not rub or block by my brakes calipers) There's another guy call kenneth driving Honda Crossroad. He waited for this Rim from 2010 till now. But still can't fit his ride.

I'm lovin this rim very much. Kind of Rare rim in the market. =D

This was my 2nd choice... Looks not bad.. But not as good as the 1st one.

WOOO!!! My Dunlop AT3 tires... COOL! Look damn rugged!!

So THICK too! LOL...

Trying to see if the rim can clear my brakes a not. HEHE! =D
Looks so cool on the side view.. Semi deep dish rim.
Adding on with the tires... GODLY!

Time to bolt on my Teflon Lifting kit!

Front with 5.5cm & Rear 6.5cm. =) Perfect height!

It's being sprayed to Black..

This is KYB shock absorber for the rear of my ride. To lift it higher a bit.

This is my stock rear view.. Time to remove & replace.

See the differences??? =)

My rear have been lifted. Sexy!~

Ok this is my front part. Time to do some cutting & knocking. To prevent my oversize tires not to rub the side of the fenders.

Ah seng doing the cutting & knocking for me. =)

Shave off a bit at the side. =)

Oh this is my rims offset & size! ;)

Almost done!!!!


Chio Chio~ Swee Mak Mak~ HAHA!

Monster Kill~! Time to go Offroad.

The height has been lifted.!

Going up on alignment machine.

2 idiots trying to be funny! Hahaha.

Yonghan ride!!! LOL Some thing on the windscreen! HAHA!
See~!!!! Saw~!!!! MUHAHAHAHA! Kena $6 then he KPKB! LMAO!

We was eating pig organ soup & Yonghan was drinking his China Apple drink.. Then here comes 2 BEES!!! Keep trying to drink Yonghan drinks. HAHA!

LOL Otw to town to meet my sexy wife~! Spotted the road sign. DUNLOP!!! My tires brand.

At the Hotel carpark.. Side view!!

Well this was the Before & After looks of my ride... =)

Finally done blogging. hehe.. Time to pei my laopo... To be continued~ HAHAHA!!!

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