Sunday, August 28, 2011

PE Day + Shopping!!

Wake up at 7.45am and get ready for PE.
Decided to vote early so that i can go home and sleep again!

Waking up at 11plus and had breakfast cook by my mum.
Hubby's favourite black bean soup with pork ribs and dao kee~

My daily intake of fruit juices~

Look carefully at the cloth on the steering wheel~
Tats the dirtiest cloth baby have and it have been with baby for 6years plus!!!
He have one habit which is wiping his interior while driving and at times he purposely do it to irritate me!!

I'm good at Da Tou Tie~

My fav food in CP!
Bao bei ban mian and rojak~

Love of my life~

Look at their reaction. Ha.

Guoling: Dont take!

Looks painful. Baby dint realise it!

Watch final destination 5 and i find it waste of time.

Spot anyone familiar?

After movie, baby rush home to watch his Liverpool match and we had supper.

Clothes that i bought~

What's from make up store?
My loose powder etc that cost a total of $200plus~

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