Monday, December 5, 2011

Dessert + Ding Tai Fung + Buying of Xmas gift

Yes we always have lots of sweet and nice snacks when working.
Blueberry and choco muffin bake by J.
She's good at baking pastry.

Pandan cake.
Well I only eat the green part because it is soft and sweet.
Not really a fan of chiffon cake though.

Been craving for Xiao Long Bao and baby brought me to Ding Tai Fung for dinner.

Ever since he have gotten his iPhone, he have been using it non stop!

Grouchy look!

Finally our food is here.
The portion is just nice! Not too much and not to little.

Notti boy wants to have ice cream =.="


His $10 ice cream all by himself.

Xmas lighting.

Going home.

Guess what we bought :X

Hubby bought this iPhone casing finally.
Its so difficult to find for guys.

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