Sunday, April 25, 2010

BBQ @ ECP with my baby & colleagues

Mummy Cook for us to eat! Love you Mummy!

x2 Bleah~ =P

I can see someone will be a good mother in future =)

Love You Lots. =)

We took candid shots on each other. MUHAHA =D

Eh Sharie don't take so much Bee Hoon! =P

Lai Lai, Makan some Satay~

Feeding my baby =)

Brada! Yo dudes~

Amirnor THE Paparazzi! HAHA!


Diana & daughter

Cheers dudes!

OMG! I'm so touch by baby's mummy! Always got something for me. =)

For more pictures, Check out my Facebook pals. (--,) BTW Nice BBQ outing guys~

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