Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet Up With BOSS ERIC TAN~! =P

**Pow Sing Restaurant**

Hazel & Young Chee Beng aka Eric! MUHahaha

Lao Chee Beng aka Aaron

Baby & me.

Everyone eat till super full. I almost become BOOMER! (Only those who played L4D will know whats that~) =P

Boss so good. Taking soup for all of us. So TOUCH! =D

Look at the background. Super stress. They are closing at 10pm. Yet we order our dinner at only 940pm! LOLX Everyone ate so fast that we finish at about 1015pm! LOLX

Baby like hungry ghost! C0z BOSS make us wait for him till 930pm!!!

Eric tan the boss of the night~ Xie Xie Lao Ban!

After makan we wen to Punggol Marina to chill out, Boss still left over some Martel. Longtime never see this asshole ever sinces he's back from THAILAND!

This few pictures are only for adults. M18 please do not view! =P

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