Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dinner @ Astons~

22nd June 2010~

This is baby & me~ =) My sweet little baby girl acc me to have a hair cut. After that we head home to pick up my parents & wen to meet my Sista at Katong Astons~ =)

On our way there~ =)

Baby, Mummy & Sista.

Daddy(AngryMan) & me! =D

Young & Old Ladies~ MuhahAHA =X

<----- Act Cool only~ =P & mE!!! Smile =)

Cream of Mushroom soup~ Yummy~

Garlic Breads~ =D

My IBC Root Beer!~

Look at my sweetie pie~ Happily eating. hehe =D



Whatcha looking at?

Me acting retard! =P

Daddy's Food

Sista's Food

Mummy's Food

Baby's Food

& Mine FOOD! =D Yummy~ Enjoying~

Sista Looks so blur! LOLX! Mummy busy eating liao. Buay ta han liao right? hehehe~ =P


Angry man.. DND (DO NOT DISTURB) =P

After having our dinner. We pass by Kim Choo to buy Ba zhang. Brought some for my parents & some back to baby house. =)

SooooOOO FULL! Let's see whats next coming on our bloggy~ =)

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