Monday, June 14, 2010

Steamboat at Chuan Yi Pin and Sushi at Nihon

Had Steamboat at Chuan Yi Pin located at Bugis with baby, Alvin, PP and his gf.
Was eating alot and the rest ate so little.
The lesson learn for eating so much is FOOD POISONING~~
Was suffering the whole day the next day.
Vomited three times, cold sweat~~

Baby cook prawn omelette and it taste yummy.

He add garlic too~~

Happy face

When 12am strike, i present baby with this card i did for him. And he being mischievous actually posted a post for our 2 months in the blog!!
He still can say u got see our blog? i think nuffnang got new advertisement so i find a bit suspicious and saw his post. Thanks baby. muackz.

Dinner at Nihon with my uncle, baby and my parent.
I dint eat any of the sushi as i just recover from food poisoning and so i ate only chawamushi and udon. I dint take a pic of it.

Ice cream~~
Me, my mum and dad share the macha ice cream and baby had the chocolate. I ate a little bit of his too. ha.

After that headed to Ikea and bought lots of hanger to put at baby's place coz i have quite a few of my clothes and no where to hang. ha.

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