Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Monday~ =D

21st June 2010~

Look at this, My baby wakeup & prepare breakfast for me before i go work. How sweet. =)

After work baby cook porridge for me to eat. But i guess she forgot to upload e picture to me! Will ask her to edit up the pictures. It's nice! & baby is getting better each day she cooks. =) Love her soooOOOOooOOOO MuchhhH!

After so we wen to AMK Hub to catch a movie~ We watch The Karate Kid. Rated it 7.5/10 =)

Juz to kill some time. Nothing to do? So Let's play some games. =)

Heading back to home. Home Sweet Home.

Pork sausage!! YummY! Baby brought it for ME! =D hehe
Sorry for my ugly look. LOL Gonna cut my hair soon! HAHA. =P

Brought all this to stock up at baby house~ It's everyday needs. =)

Supper for e night! HEhe. At last i have fully recovered. I can eat again. =D

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