Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Sat morning + Sakura Buffet~

Woke up early in the morning.
Had breakfast before heading to AML to find my friends brother car mart~
Initially, we din't even have a thought of settling a car that today~
But, maybe its by fate and tada, we bought our car.
Well now waiting for loan approval and hope everything goes smoothly.

Had our dinner at Sakura Buffet with GL and YH.
Yummy.. But not alot of variety.

Eating time~

As usual the funny yh~

Saw YH teeth? Not the katoey.


Always peeling prawns for himself and me..

Me and GL was happily eating and all of the sudden the guys keep talking about gross and disgusting things.
Making me and GL felt disgusted while eating.
So out of no choice, we had to over our ears and continue munching our food.

They forever laughing..

Fruits and dessert time~

Mandarin Gallery~ Bored~

Bought a beggar top. haha.

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