Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sat events part II~

After our dinner, headed to meet GL and YH.
Rest at Starbucks before JL and LW came.

Hubby's Frappuccino with Caramel.
Well i am not a coffee lover and i dont drink coffee so i drank Strawberry and Cream~

Really got to salute JL~
He met with an accident two days ago and he still have the strength to go out~

Hunk and babe~ haha.

Hot and Spicy Soup from RuYi.

Everyone taking turn to wear YH geek spectacles~

And GL busy laughin..

Looks like they have matching shoes~

Supper time at Hong Kong Cafe~

GL and YH Chee Zhong Fun.

Hubby and i share the porridge which is big portion and i have the ingredient inside~
They have peanut, shredded meat, fish maw and pig stomach~

Bought a top and lip stick from Topshop which it caught my eye at first sight~

Finally home and slept at 4am~

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