Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sat events~

Breakfast on Sat morning~
Chicken chop.
Look carefully..
Hubby's egg and my egg was different. Reason being: i hate egg yolk~

Fries but i find it kinda oily~

Baluku~ Bought and peel by mum.
Hubby and I finish all by ourself.

Otw to town~
Act cute :X

Saw gingerbread man while we are crossing the road.
Pity him cause the weather was so hot..

Then we saw BB Messenger~ haha.

My crave for oyster~
Dinner at Jack Place~

Seafood soup + garlic bread~

Smiley face =)

My oyster is here~~!!
I had 5 and hubby had 1.

Hubby can you be faster a bit. I wan to eat~~


Done within a short period of time!

My baked cod fish fillet.

Hubby's fire steak~

Dessert + tea~

End of part one~

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