Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrating of Loretta's Birthday~

Celebration of Loretta's Birthday..
Guess whats the design of the birthday cake?

Its Chanel 2.55!!
Doesn't it looks real?

Had the celebration held at Chit's Bar and Restaurant~
There is a mini playground for the kids to play with~

The menu~


Side dish~
Chicken wing, steam mussels, garlic bread~

Everyone's in the picture except for baby~!

Love of my life~

Look at Kaylyn mouth!
So dirty~

The mischievous boy!

Hoegaarden for me and Lor~

The bdae auntie :P

Bottoms up! haha. Im kidding~

Baby and i order Fish n Chips~

While the rest had Oxtail, Muttons, Beef and so on~

Night time~

The kids showing off their tongue~

We just love to cam whore~

Almost done eating~
The show is about to begin~

A sudden surprise present for the bdae girl~

Still a bit shock~

Happy with her present~

Whose trade mark is that?
Kate Spade? Peiling? LOL!!

Okay a normal post~

Surprise from behind~

Surprise by the Chanel Cake!

Examine the cake~

The front~

The back~

The side~

Photo taking time~

Putting of candle~

Singing of bdae song~

Cake cutting.. Cant bear to cut the beautiful cake~

How does the interior of the cake looks like?

Distributing of cakes~

Quarter cake Chanel Bag Cake =.="

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