Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tcc the coffee connoisseur @ Wisma!

8th October 2011~

Shopping with Jack, Baby & me for Loretta Birthday present~
We were shopping around for Loretta birthday & we get her a nice DNKY bag. Pictures will be uploaded in the next post~ =)

Baby cooks this for my to ease my stomach in the afternoon~ Thanks honey! Lucky to have a wife that is not lazy & will cook for me to eat! Envy me??? Get a good wife than! =P

After makan we get prepared & head down to town to meet my 3rd sista~ =) Shopping time!

It's raining cats & dogs~

There goes my camwhore baby again!!! =D

Wet Wet Wet~

She never fail to take pictures! haha =X

After shopping around, We felt very hungry. So we went to TCC to settle our dins.
Yummy & Shioks~

Jack & baby.. =)

Mint berry beer drink for baby.

Looks nice right? But taste not very good! Weird taste!!!

This for me~ Never fail to take some caffeine.. HEHE

Seafood aglio olio for baby.. This really taste GOOD! I love this but it's spicy! :(

Ocean Catch fish for jack~ Nice right?

I forgot my food name.. But it's chicken & the sauce taste really damn GOOD! 8/10!

Both ladies enjoying~ hehe

As for me, I'm still looking for my dessert menu for later on! HAHA! SWEET TOOTH! =)

OOhhh~ ;)


devil's chocolate cake~

Baby was talking to Guoling over the phone... Trying to lie to Guoling that she bought Chanel! hahaha But I HATE CHANEL~ Chanel is for only more older ladies like over 30+...

Young girls carrying Chanel looks ugly & dun seems like they can OWN one! More like doing some side line to own the Bag! HAHA

HAHA baby trying to be funny!

Alright readers~ Baby will blog about the bag soon~ Stay tune! =D

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