Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dinner @ SG Chomp Chomp~

13th Sep 2011~

Had our dins at Chomp Chomp with Kelvin & Gf. =D~ Yummy... Nice food below~

Our sugar cane drinks.

Chomp Chomp Wanton Mee~ Shioks~

My pretty wife & me~ Look at our table!!! FULL OF FOODS aka FOF! hahaha

Kelvin & Kelly~ =D

Stingray~ Drooling.

Kan kong~ Looks nice right? But ............. -.-''

LALA!!!!! Yummy Yummy~ =P

Time really past so quickly~ Our happy day is just few weeks more.. HEHE~! I'm sooooOoo glad to know my pretty wife! =) I love you my Lao Po Da Ren, All my life~

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