Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Short Getaway Part 3~

Swimming time~

Full view of the golf course..

Look what is baby doing~ =.="


Sauna time~

And you know what? Saw a pot of water? Jac say the water is to make the room cooler and baby went to pour water onto the stone!
I guess you would have expect what have happen.
Lots of mist and the sauna room become even hotter!!
All of us faster went out of the sauna room..

My notti boy~

Our room number~

Foot and back massage~

We headed out of the resort for dinner~
2nd meal of the day.

All the hungry ppl~

Baby order spag cause he knows it will be serve within a short while.

Chocolate banana cake..
I like it.

I love this shop~


Twist potato.. Super delicious~

Sweet potato and roasted chestnut~

Their sweet potato is very sweet as compare to Sg.

We never fail to take picture.


Back to the resorts..

Instant noodle for supper~

Baby's noodle with mushroom~

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