Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween~

Happy Halloween Everyone~
Its rather sad that baby is still sick and not recovering from his ulcer.
Baby decided not to drive as the ulcer on his gum is causing him a bad headache~
So the our Ahmad for tonight is YH~
Otw to fetch GL~

Our destination is Clark Quay.
OH man the traffic over there was so so bad.
Traffic jam to the car park takes about half an hour.
Worse still when heading off about 11plus.

Sneak preview~

Alright guess who is who~
The tallest definately is YH, follow by Baby and Eric~

They ain't scary after all with this pose right? :D

Despite knowing that the mask is fake, I am still quite horrified by the mask~
It makes me wanna run away~

That's baby~!

And you know the three of them were kind of a limelight when they walk around Clark Quay.
Strangers were taking pictures with them.

And of course we have to take a picture with them too!

Finding their next victim~

We decided to take a short rest~
Okay I mean the guys want to take a short break because they were perspiring non stop.
Thanks to the jacket and mask they wore~
Beverages and snack time at Coffee Club~

All came without their hair being style~

Poor baby he was so quiet~

Baby had Ice Tea.

I had Passion fruit smoothie~

Shared this with GL as baby can't eat~

Pardon us for the messy table~

Want to know what kind of hairstyle YH style everyday?
Sample here~

The other one is when he grow old with white hair~
Old vs Young~ LOL!!

Whats on the right side of the picture =.='

Smoking prohibited inside leh~

I felt that Eric mask was then hilarious~
Eric time for me to bring you to remove the mole on your nose!

Look a bit lesbian though~

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