Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sat 12/11/11~ Homecook food~ People's Park Complex~ Dunhill Pen~

Lots of things to do on Sat Afternoon~
Woke in the afternoon and no one's home.
So I will prepare the brunch for hubby and myself.
Not much food in the fridge and I decided to cook bee hoon soup.
I ask baby if he realise that everytime when there is nothing much food in the fridge I will cook bee hoon soup. Haha~

And what was baby doing?
He was playing is MW3 throughout the afternoon!!!
Saw carefully his headphone?
Reason why he wear it so high up his ear because I kept talking to him and he was too lazy to take the headphone up and down~ =.=|||

After eating our late lunch, we headed to People's Park Complex to run a errand!
Tiring and mad hot!

A surprise for my boss who is leaving @.@

Finally we found this in Singapore!
I chance upon this food when I was in Shen Zhen and HK!
Not only its spicy, it makes your tongue numb too!
Singapore is selling it at a costly price.
I remember paying only $1 plus when I ate in SZ and HK.
Suan La Fen~

The ingredient~

Yummy! I guess only Chinatown sells this.

Heading back home finally!

Oh ya we went to change some rupiah for our Bali trip!
Look at hubby's reaction! haha~

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