Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shopping + Movie~

Its another shopping day for us despite I am still sick~
Had lunch at Han's.

Hubby's meal set~

Guoling and YH's foodie~

Hubby are you really that hungry?

My Hor Fun~

Hubby's Chicken Chop (Mushroom sauce)

Another hungry girl~

I just can't stop coughing!!!


Cheese cake lover!

Watch 2359 at 9plus~
I would say 8/10.
But I don't really like the ending~

Headed to Hanis @ Selegie for supper and chit chat session~

YH's car~

I had Ham and Egg Mayo Sandwich~

And this time baby had Hor Fun~
That's what I had in the afternoon!

See carefully!! GL and her big hamburger!
HAHA how to go on diet huh?


Someone looking so excited.

Yh your position of holding the fork and spoon fail terribly.

Another funny couple!

Look at all of their reaction~

Lovey Dovey Couple~

My new hair tie from Baby~

Baby bought this and is counting down to his iPhone 4Ssssss...

Necklace for Dearest Mummy~

Guess what time we reach home that night? 3plus 4am~
My goodness sake. Thanks to the rain and stop us from taking our car.
But well, the girls had their girl talk while guys have their guys talk~
I'm loving it~

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