Thursday, November 10, 2011

Xmas Tree Decoration~

Went back home to help mum set up and decorate Xmas Tree~
Its the first time I am doing that~
Normally I don't set up and decorate it~
This year theme will be blue and white =D
Otw home~

Mum cook brunch~
Its been quite a long time since I had homecook food by mum~
Hubby's favourite pig trotter with chestnut~

Its either I am short or the tree is tall :X

Putting of christmas light~

The deco~

Light in blue~

Busy busy~

Touching up~

Blue ribbon~

Blue miniature drum~

Left/right view~

A picture of me with the tree~

Having the Xmas atmosphere~

A super big surprise from Mum's Boss~

Cannot resist not falling asleep while on my bed~

A clearer picture of the time with the lights up at night!

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