Sunday, May 16, 2010

16 May 2010

Finally i have recovered from my fever!!
Been having on and off fever for four pathetic days :(

Dear's mum cook this.

Went to uncle's place to see my baby cousin.
Its her one month. Just a simple gathering over their place.

Darryl and his centre parting


Darryl is super notti. When my grandma ask Darryl to move away and as you noe old ppl their pronounication is not proper so my grandma call him and it sounded a bit like yellow.
Next darryl shouted i am Darryl not Yellow!
We were all laughing.

After lunch headed to meet Eric and Hazel in town.
Decided to watched Iron Man and queue for the show.
When its our turn, there is only the front row left!!
WASTE our time queuing. The timing for the show displayed dint even show the tickets is selling fast =.=
Went for dinner at PastaMania.
Then the system break down when we take orders.
And whats next? The food took very long to serve!!!
Sway enough.

My buys.

We decided to go for prawning but got to wait for Hazel to finish work at 12am.
Pictures are at dear's camera and so will blog abt it when i have the pics.

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