Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lots of topic in 1day! =D

Mummy showing baby organic food from japan!

My sweet darling baby & me~

Mummy!! Why you not looking at e camara!

I love this picture! Baby is soooooOO SweeT! =D
Wen C.S with mummy & baby to stock up food!

Had our lunch at some HK cafe! =)

Look baby nephew! soO Cute yeah?
HAHA! Killing Spring! I KILLED IT! with baby camara! HEHE!

Baby really enjoying~
Baby messy plate!! Look! But she so sweet~ Feed me eat crabs =) Muackz!
Dinner with baby mum family~ Celabrating mother's day for her ah ma. =)
Tml i will be celabrating Mother's day for both Mummy & baby Mummy! =D Will blog up soon tml! =D
Count down for baby mummy birthday tml too!
Alright guys! gtg chill out with baby frens. Update you guys tml =) Cya!~ nite!

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