Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shop & Eat & Drink NONSTOP Wholeday! =X

Morning mummy made Tuna Sandwich for us~ Yum yum~ =O

Before heading out we took a few ACT cute pictures in my room & Waiting for Eric Tan to come pick up again =D
Loving each stronger each day i see her. =)

We wen Ajisen to have our lunch while waiting for Lao chee Beng to reach c0z he tot We gonna put him aeroplane TODAY! LOL so he came abit later!!! =P

I wen recoil to look at some Polo-T & shirt while e ladies was over at some bikini shop~ WoooOOo. =D This sales gal of recoil was so nice that she run down to another outlet to get me a NEW Polo-T & close e shop juz for me. =X

Waiting for e sale gal to come back~ Took some Couple Pictures =D

Eric Tan with his Middle finger! BAD ARSE~ !! =X

At summer breeze~

WATER TANK! 3 diff cups for drinks for hazel! Power la hor~ haha =P

How nice of Eric sia. I also wan leh~ =X

Q-ing up my MeatBalls! LOLX!

Dun play play hor~ Queen of BIG2 sia~ hehe~ =P

Slacking @ summer breeze till like 1am dan head over to my house~

Getting ready our beach stuff for TIOMAN! Counting down the DAYS! WooooooOOOo
Brought baby a sexy bikini~ hehe =X

Hazel Left 4 Deading sia~ LOL

After bath we wen down town east to watch IP man 2 with eric & hazel. 220am show. LOLX Our whole day was well planed! HAha~ Rated of the show was; 9/10.

Less 1 point bec0z of some ASSHOLES juz cant shut thier mouth in e movie! Becoz thy cant understand CHINESE! Next time If there's This kinda people gonna sit next to me & Chat if thy cant understand chinese language I'm gonna Smack dem straight on thier FACE! Pissed!!!

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