Thursday, May 20, 2010

1st time having Fast Food together~ =)

My baby is sooo Free that she wen to curl her hair & show me. Does she looks more mature? My pretty baby~ =)

On Our way to Tampines Central~

LOOK! Our very 1st Fast Food dat we ate together! =D KFC @ Tampines CPF building!~

Brought 2 Sleeveless tank & slipper for myself to prepare for TIOMAN! Less dan 10days!
WOooooOOo =)

Baby & me was thinking to buy back our Sea Monkey water purifier to breed it again~
So we wen toysRus to look for it but they dun have it in sg anymore~ =(

But Look wat we get! haha! Ant Artists! This is for you to see how does Ant lives! Cool rite? =P
The bubble tea pearls is how i'm gonna catch those ants! hahaha!!!!

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