Friday, July 23, 2010

Dinner at Crystal Jade Bugis~

23rd July 2010~

This picture below was baby & colleagues wen out for buffet lunch somewhere at Depot Road. Look at e amount they ordered. Machiam Pigs~ KIASU!!! LOL

We was suppose to collect our wedding band tonight but baby's ring size was kinda small. So we have to go back down again to collect. Anyway its really nicer dan those plain rings.

Crystal Jade at Bugis earlier on... The FOOD was ............ ........... ...........
The Lady Boss for the night~ =D
As for me~ Giving baby some Pose~ =D hehehe.

This baby's Noodle. I taste liao, 3.5/10 nia.
This was my fried RICE!!!!!! My house KOPITIAM can cook better than dem THOUSAND TIMES BETTER! RATE: 1.5/10 Sucks to the MAX!

My mum brought a Top for baby. =D

Below this few pictures was e past few days de. He is busy calling his mum cause we were stuck in the house with no key and we were intending to go back to my house to pass my mum durians.
So i call mum and they come to our rescue in the late afternoon.
Lesson learn is bring your house key along with you and dont leave it in the car no matter wat~

She She She will always be the one i loved the MOST! =D
Tml will be heading down to book our solemnization venue @ Furama RiverFront. =D
Good night to all of our supporters. =)

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