Monday, July 19, 2010

Flooding Nightmare~!

LOLX last nite about 1.30am i suddenly wokeup. Duno why will i wakeup at this kinda time! Than suddenly i touch my floor & it feels SUPER WET! At first i tot it was e aircon leaking.

BUT! Our washing machine burst free!! Guess mum was too busy & left the tap on till the plastic cap break free! lolx. Flooding my whole house almost like 2cm height of water!!!

All rooms are wet & the whole kitchen & living room. HAHA Super nightmare for my parents & baby. Both mum & baby sleep like piggy till Dad & me woke up first. So we started cleaning e mess for like 1hour+.. This is crazy. Most of our things are wet. Now baby handphone abit kuku le. HAHA. Time for her to change a New Phone~ Gonna get her a new one if i cant help her to repair it.

My poor little baby still going work with Panda eyes. =( Guess we gonna sleep super early tonite! =X

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