Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Weekend & Suprise for my Baby Girl~ =D

10th July 2010~(Sat) Outing with baby parents. =)

This pictures of us has been took awhile le. No time for us to blog about it. =X We always like to act CUTE~! =D Love my baby so much~

That's me. Doing Retrial for my clan. It's a mess after i stop gaming awhile ago~ Now i need to rebuild my clan again. Woke up early in e morning like 8+am & Start training till about 12pm. Baby cannot tahan my screaming & woke up early too. LOLX Poor baby girl. =(

After having our lunch at home, Cook by mummy. Nice Fish soup kway teow. Yum~ We head out to pick baby parents. It's UNCLE Birthday~ =D
Otw to baby house~ =D
Haha. I can drive yet look at e camara~ Power right? No SAYS guys can't Multi task ar baby? LOL =P
So we wen to City Square for our dinner. Makan @ The Soup Restaurant again, c0z we juz cant get enough of the Chicken meat & e sauce. SoooOOO Nice~~~ YummY Yummy~ It was auntie treated~
Me trying to wink @ baby girl. LOL ;)

Having a good time chatting~ =D
Uncle & Auntie~ Loving =D
Us also very loving~ hehe =D My Sweet Sweet! =)
LOOK! This is what i call FOOD! =D Drooling.
ToFu ToFu ToFu~ =D

This fried prawns is Nice! Too bad they dun have it in fried sotong. =X
After makan we wen to Best Denki to look for my Fatty Fren~ =D His name is ERIC CHUA Yu Zhi! HAha Longtime never meet up with him. He's kinda busy boi~ But duno why each time i see him, He's getting fatter! HAHAHA.

Suddenly we walk past Anderson Ice cream & Started drooling. Hehe Pretty ladies below~ =)
Humsome mens Below~ =DDD

Look! The waiter serve us plain water but the volume of e water was like.... DOTS! Uncle water was e most dan Auntie dan baby dan MINE!!!! ARggggGg Haha! I'm a water tank! Give me so less~!
Hahaha Uncle making fun~ =D
Me!~ Holding on baby ice cream~ +D

My Cute & lovely darling~ =D

Head back to baby home to cut cake for uncle. Having lots of great time~ =D Staring at baby with a EVIL LOOK~ =X

I got no idea whats she's doing~ LOL
Happy birthday to you~ May all your wishes come true~ =D TOTO, 4D tio many many~ =D

Make a Wish, Make a Wish~ =)

Baby mum was so nice that she brought this Samsui Ginger Sauce for my mum =D Thanks auntie~ =D

11th July 2010~(Sun)

Outing with baby mum, Baby & my mummy~ =D

Early morning we 1st head to tanjong pagar to look for our bridal gown & package~ We had book our studio with French Studio & Bridal Boutique. Baby & i was pleased with the services, photography & gowns. They are very experience in this line. So i felted there's no point i look farther for other & drop a deposit with dem. =D This secures baby & my heart~ =D Kinda giving her a 3rd month anniversary surprise~ hehe

After signing with dem, we head to bugis Iluma to have our lunch. Had Thai Express & even the services is good. Machiam like e show " Can You Serve " . Haha. Rating for the food 8/10

Baby's Kway Teow is godly i feel. LOL
Auntie had Green Laksa seafood.

Mummy had Crayfish laksa~
& for me i have BBQ Seafood~ Spicy but i like~ =D More pimples coming up!!! ARGGGGG!!

So we finally brought our wedding bands & i brought baby her proposal ring. =) She's loving it. =D Will let you guys see the rings wen we collect dem later on. Need to custom for baby finger =) She have small sexy fingers =D
Planing for my next surprise~ =D
Everything is kinda done for now so we head to kovan to have our dinner~ Had fish soup steamboat~ My mummy wanna treat auntie for the steamboat, But auntie was too quick. She fake all of us & wen to paid for the food. =X Thanks auntie for e treated. Rating 7.5/10 for the food. =D

Finish our makan & wen to baby house to take her stuff to prepare for MONDAY BLU~ =X

LOLX act a angry face for baby to see~ hahaha
Baby, This is where you can start trusting me more =D My love for you is true~ =)
Brought this bag for night class~ Gonna start class tml~ Sad. LOLX but At least its FREE! I will work hard for our future~ =D

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