Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sushi Tei for Dinner and Durian Feast at Bedok

Sat (17 July 2010)

Went to collect cheque at Orchard before heading down to Vivocity to find dear's mum, his sis, husband and two of their cute children.
Was 1 min early at Sushi Tei and tends we dont need to queue up for so long.

Kayden trying to looks sideway.

Dear's 2nd sis and his mum

Dear's parent

Sashimi, clam soup with jap sake, ramen, saba fish and so on.
Yummy. Im drooling when i am blogging this entry.

Samshui man?

Kaylyn is so happy feeding me the white carrot.

Same goes to dear.

And look at her mess.

Baby bought this Melody for me. Thanks baby.

Headed home first and dear's big sis was asking if we want to eat durian.
Otw to Bedok 85 there.

Bought a total of 11 Durians.
5 for dear's mum brother, 3 for my parents and 3 for ourself.
We had the Mao San Wang. The owner who knew dear's sis gave us 1kg of mangosteen and 3 big mango~ woot~~

Junk food is our love. ha.
Brought this lousy headset to put in my office. =D
My sweet sweet Tian Tian Baby =) She loves Melody.

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